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Play Papas Burgeria HTML5 Game Instruction

Papas Burgeria

Do you want to try out as an employee of the burger shop? Papa’s Burgeria is the place you work, cook, arrange and serve the perfect crazy burgers for customers in town. In Papas Burgeria, you have to go through 3 work stations to prepare delicious burgers. The order station is where your customers will deliver orders to you. After you record everything, you can go to the grill station and cook burgers. Check your customers’ requests to see how long they want their cakes to be prepared. You should pay attention to the timer and temperature. After you give these delicious pate pieces to melt, it’s time to visit the construction station. Take a look at the order to see what kind of toppings and sauces your customers want in their burgers. Put the cake carefully and hand it over to each person. If customers like the service, you will receive a large amount of money. Work will be more difficult when the number of customers is crowded at the same time.