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Play Sim Taxi HTML5 Game Instruction

Sim Taxi

In Sim Taxi, you will be given control of a taxi to run in the area. Your task is to make money, find customers and skillfully move the car to be able to perform properly. Sim Taxi is to transport passengers to the place they want to go as quickly as possible without damaging the vehicle. You will see on the way there are passengers who want to take a taxi, and you need to stop there to pick up passengers. After that, an arrow will show you the way, and you need to move in that direction to get where you need to go.

You can use this money to upgrade your taxi with better engines, better tires and other improvements. To become an excellent taxi driver, you need to remember the streets. There is no map! You also need to drive carefully. Accidents and traffic tickets will slow you down and cost you money. But there are lots of repeatable streets and dead ends, so you have to pay to learn your way. That is the part that improves the memory of the game.

Time is a deciding factor in how much money you make in Sim Taxi, so the focus is definitely needed. Paying attention to the condition of your vehicle, finding passengers, adjusting the radio, following the guidance of the operator … at the same time requires the ability to multitask.