Swords And Sandals Game

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Swords And Sandals

Swords and Sandals is an epic mini gladiator game. Participating in this game your goal is to become the greatest gladiator of all time using a fairly convenient fighting system. You have to win Win successively in battles in the arena Use bonuses to buy better weapons and armor, because your reputation increases, the stronger opponents will search for you to have a chance to fight. with you in the arena. Make sure you always have the best equipment that your money can buy to maximize your chances of surviving every game.

Swords and Sandals is a turn-based game with each attack, movement, and unusual move presented on a wheel around your gladiator. As you fight and progress, you invest your points in various stats and equipment that change your tactics in the game. Put your agility and you’ll be able to move/jump around the arena faster, allowing you to charge then retreat to recover. Put your attraction up and you will be able to mock your opponent into attack range. Join the game to conquer them and win.