Love Tester Game

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Love Tester

Love Tester is a free game to test your love with love clock application. This is a game that allows you to estimate compatibility and love both. Coming to this game, you will be involved in a very simple test that is to enter your name and the person’s name to know how much and how much of that ruler’s heart is. So if you want to check how much love there is between you and your partner, join the game for results. Love Tester is a romantic game, can earn a lot of points with your partner. You can see how close you like or want to you, you can use it as a way to get closer to her.

The levels in this game are not adventure or scenario with challenges but love. Depending on the level of intimacy, the game will show a certain level of love between the two. You can get from 100% to 0%, meaning from very high love, love to love does not exist.