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Play Badminton Legends HTML5 Game Instruction

Badminton Legends

Badminton legend is an exciting sports game developed by Mad Puffers. This game has unique graphics, all ages can be played. You can experience this game on your mobile device or tablet, laptop because this is a flash game.

Join the game, your mission is to win all badminton matches. To complete a match, you must win 7 rounds.This game has 4 modes for you:

Friendly: You will play 1VS1 with Computer

Tournament: You will play with the computer.

2-player mode: You can invite friends and play together on the same PC.

Multiplayer: You will play with other players in the world (this is an online game).

Note: Each match will have special items. These items will appear randomly. Your opponent will suffer bad effects when you hit those items. Good luck and happy!