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Play Cubikill 6 HTML5 Game Instruction

Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6 is violent towards office colleagues by collecting tools and using it to sabotage the workplace as well as violence against colleagues.

You are a hard-working office worker but always bullied, they scold, make you do a lot of things even laugh at you. You are so fed up with that, one day your rage is at its peak and you take action to get rid of all the frustrations in your heart.
You will go to different rooms, find and pick up items there, then use these items to stab, beat or even kill your colleagues. After you have taken all the items and killed people in that room, you find the door to enter the next room and continue to perform the search and kill. You can just take the necessary things and kill some people you hate to either kill them all or perform very unsanitary actions.

When you commit violent acts with a colleague, you will receive bonus points, killing that person will get you more points.

When there are many people in a room, you can only kill one person, then the others may quickly escape and notify the others. Or maybe people in other rooms don’t know you killed people and the next person will be them.

There are many different rooms, you need to be very agile and observe well to find the rooms as well as objects. Find out all the objects to complete each level and unlock the next level.

All the actions you perform in this game are not subject to legal punishment but the game has lots of violent images and bloody images, so children should not play this game, it will be affects your physiology. However, the game will help those who are stressed and who are having conflicts and hate someone, can easily relieve stress and frustration here.