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Play Dumb Ways To Die HTML5 Game Instruction

Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Way To Die is a puzzle platform game in which you must guide the character to things or where he will encounter obvious death. In the game, you will have three lives. You must progress and accumulate points by completing levels of mini games. They include various video-related challenges, including removing forms from toasters, keeping airplanes flying, not pressing red buttons, waving wasps, not opening doors for a psychopath, and preventing Prevent piranhas from attacking your private parts.

As you progress, you can collect new characters on the menu screen (train tracks) and new mini games are also introduced. When your life finally expires, you can share your scores with your friends on social media and see if they can beat you.

Dumb Way To Die is not a complicated game to win but you need not to be stupid. The players in this game are the same cartoon creatures dancing in the video so this is a fairly popular game. Besides cute graphics along with quality sound is a great plus point for this game. Join the game now to enjoy yourself the best moments.