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Play Papa Louie 3 HTML5 Game Instruction

Papa Louie 3

Papa Louie 3 is a Louie character adventure game. The game has three game modes to choose from; in each game mode, there are different scenes. Players can adventure on the mainland, on icy stretches, in the ocean or a combination of them, players will help their characters overcome many dangerous difficulties, along with the onslaught of monsters, safely to rescue.

For your friend, the player will be alone, overcome many challenges, have items that the player can collect to increase strength or become a weapon to kill monsters. The level will have the requirements needed to make, collect enough amount of gold coins, destroy enough monsters … to complete Levels: When the character encounters monsters, the character will lose blood and need to collect blood along the way to increase health.Food is shown in pink heart-shaped, you are given a certain number of hearts and die when running out of them Each level will have a checkpoint for you to revive, when you lose your life you will restore there. Pass each level, you will move to the next level and the game has a lot of levels for you to complete. The game has a timer, to rank players for completing the game quickly.