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Play Dumb Ways To Die 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Dumb Ways To Die 2

Dumb Way to Die 2 is an exciting arcade game in which you must defeat countless dangerous challenges randomly without dying. Trials will test your reflexes, skills and logic. In each level, if you fail in the challenge, the character will encounter a difficult end such as being run over or dropped from a bungee cord. There will be all 28 mini-games packed in Dumb way to die 2 and you must try to live for a specified time and get a high score, and unlock new characters.

The game possesses a colorful graphics and attractive accent gameplay. Use the mouse to interact with objects and characters on the screen. Solve puzzles and avoid deadly obstacles that can kill them. Sometimes you will have to be patient and do nothing. You have three lives left at the beginning, so your characters can die 3x, after the game is over. Enter the world map and choose one of the attractions to start your journey. At first, the game level is quite easy for the player to finish. The deeper you go, the difficulty of the game will be increased and your speed will have to be really quick to succeed. Remember, these creatures are not so smart, so it would be up to you if they were alive.