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Play Grow Valley HTML5 Game Instruction

Grow Valley

Grow Valley flash puzzle game in which you will build your valley. Initially, there is a fairly large and empty valley and you need to click on the builders in the right order to build the structures. The most advanced structure in the valley, you have seven nodes, each of which triggers the development of a different kind of system you need to replace. Depend on each other, figuring out the exact order to use them for the best results Every time you click a button, the world will grow a bit more and if a system is linked to a system otherwise, both will evolve a bit.

There is a logic to it, but there are also a lot of bugs and trials involving finding out when to use something, and that goes on and on over and over again can be frustrating.

Your goal is for everything to be fully upgraded in the end, seeing your little accomplishments plunge into their work. Build your own valley and create a prosperous, advanced society out of your original valley. Follow the order of development and you’ll change the world from top to bottom and make sure everyone is happy and you use the right technique at the right place.