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Play Ninja Miner 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Ninja Miner 2

Ninja Miner 2 is a fast-paced maze-based gamer with puzzles. Dig a gem in the dangerous underground! Your ninja gold miner can speed up to get past bats in every table. The goal here is the same with your old version – The goal is to eat all the colorful gems. The door will open and you can exit to complete the level. Threaten your ninja miner. There are creatures that can hurt your ninja.

Luckily, this time you have three lives per level, so one encounter with a rather nasty cave bat won’t undo your hard work. Another life-threatening addition is water, which includes parts of several stages; You can control it by pressing the switch or swimming through if you find the snorkel.

Continue to dig gold with Ninja. This time, you become a master. Try your best to get more gold!

Ninja Miner 2 uses the same basic mechanism and level design as its predecessor, meaning the ninja moves in one direction as long as he does not encounter obstacles. Obstacles are many and varied at the maze-like levels, from walls to thorns to Halloween themed.