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Play Wonderputt 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Wonderputt 2

Wonderputt 2 – Explore the beautiful city of WonderPutt and play a game similar to golf. You have to shoot the ball into the hole but you have to limit the stroke.

To do so, you will have to help it reach the spacecraft, who will drive it very far wherever it wants to go. There are 18 holes separating the ball and the spaceship that it wants to reach strong. Push the ball into the hole by hitting it with moderate and right force. Try to reach the face value to get more points.

Adventure of golf … but with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedoes and a little kidnapping aliens.

Chillax and putt some balls in the very fancy mini golf game Wonderputt. Use the mouse to set strength and angle and master different courses.

Playing on a river optical illusion, a ranch cropped by hyperactive cows, lily pads on a lake or a hill from a fresh avalanche keeps golf game fresh with obstacles unique.

‘Wonderputt’ is a comprehensive attack on the senses and 18 really crazy golf courses in the ever-changing arenas. You use the mouse to change the direction and strength of your shots, so the broadcast should not exceed 10 minutes.
The biggest flaw of Wonderputt is that it penalizes players’ points during the course of course completion. How can I not get lost in its image ?! Maybe on the 5th or 10th time I will be less distracted.