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Play 3 HTML5 Game Instruction 3
Description: 3 is a multiplayer game in which you will try to occupy as much land as possible. In the game, you need to move the character to add land for yourself, but do not get caught by the players. Other than that, they will have the same task as you, you will be provided with a land and expand it.You will move your character by leaving a trail of color behind you and closing in the land. You have to get the whole land. When you touch the bodies of other characters, they will be destroyed and they will have the same ability as you. When you touch your body, you will also You can take the opponent’s land, and the opponent will take it. The game has no target limit, you can control your character in the endless game.

At first the game will be simple and you will master the game quickly, but there is a lot of competition that will make the game harder and more attractive. You have to be smarter than your opponent and find the best strategy to conquer as much space as possible.

On the output screen there are parameters that show the player’s stats, helping you know which players to rank with.