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Play Potty Racers HTML5 Game Instruction

Potty Racers

Potty Racers is a fun racing game in which you must build your very own potty and attempt to fly it as far as possible by hurtling down a hillside and launching off a ramp! As you speed down the hill and launch off of the ramp, you must use your arrow keys to maintain balance and try to fly great distances. At the end of each flight, you earn cash – use this cash to upgrade your potty. This game is progressive, and you must take small steps to improve your distance day by day. Choose your upgrades carefully and work towards specific goals. Once you have met specific requirements, you can unlock new levels and areas to fly in. Can you become a champion potty pilot and send your contraption soaring through the sky? If you like the original Potty Racers, be sure to check out the sequel!