Stick RPG Game

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Stick RPG

Stick Fight is a fighting game based on real physics, you choose your arsenal and control your character fighting with 3 other people, experience 100 interesting maps, dozens of funny weapons , such as sniper rifles, or bombs that explode yourself, and choose an unlimited death method.The graphics in the game are quite sharp, combining unique combat effects to bring you beautiful battles. The ultimate goal is to achieve the belts after completing all the missions assigned in each stage.Once completed, you will go to the next stage and receive new missions, and get a The belt is of a higher rank All you have to do is kill all the enemies you meet and try to earn a lot of n reward.

Main features of stick fight:

- Stickman fighting action game

- Matches based on realistic physics

- Interesting map inventory, funny weapons

- Create your own map

- Customize stick figure