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Play Stunt Master HTML5 Game Instruction

Stunt Master

Stunt Master is an action game based on stunt. Participating in the game you will have to choose your favorite vehicle and become a master of stunts. You can use bicycles, Cars or even run by yourself. The task is to jump over obstacles by car or bike to earn as many points as possible. The game will have many different stunts and players need courage. To overcome dangerous locations filled with explosions, fire and many other things you are imagining, complete the goal of each scene to complete the stage.

Stunt Master is a perfect game if you are a fan of stunt movies and it has a lot of adrenaline in it. The game’s graphics are quite good and this is why Stunt Master is the original in the free online game scene. In general, Stunt Master is a pretty good game to play from any point of view and are you brave to make some scenes that many actors don’t have the courage to make? Try to be the hero to complete all the goals in the game of each school to complete the stage.