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Play Tomb Runner HTML5 Game Instruction

Tomb Runner

If you are a fan of a running game, that is to say that there will never be a destination, you must know Tomb Runner game. The difficulty increases gradually, the score increases gradually, the more distance you run, the higher your score. This is the achievement to set new records, to rank on the rankings. To do this, players need good skills, dexterity and good reaction to unexpected situations along the way. Tomb Runner game expresses a unique idea that requires the player’s skills, assertiveness, adventurous challenges and beautiful graphics system. You have to run, rotate, slide, jump and avoid obstacles that are following and don’t forget to act at the right time. The obstacles in Tomb Runner are also quite diverse: the branches grow into the road, the pit, the fire hose … Sometimes our characters have to run on narrow ledges that just need to move back and forth A little bit is falling to the right area, moreover you have to avoid the obstacles that appear by sliding, jumping and turning the direction too.
The next two versions are Tomb runner 2 which are very well received by the recipients. You can play the game for free here to experience