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Play Tomb Runner 3 HTML5 Game Instruction

Tomb Runner 3

Always on the list of the most attractive running games of all time, following the success of the first version, Tomb Runner 3 caused fever in the gaming community. Tomb runner 3 online with many changes between image and quality. Added a number of new and unique features.

You are lost in the ancient temple and need to escape by running really fast because there are many monsters behind you. On the run, take advantage of collecting lots of gold coins to buy items when needed. Map of the game in the game is also changed a lot, now there is even more sliding waterfall. Images of game graphics are invested more carefully and elaborately. The game characters are completely refreshed and monsters are also somewhat more horrifying than before.

When playing the game, don’t run away but forget to pick up gold and treasures. So you can buy other characters into your character set and upgrade characters to run faster. Let’s play and feel the difference compared to Tomb Runner 2.