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Play 4th And Goal HTML5 Game Instruction

4th And Goal

4th And Goal is a tactical game of American Football. Organize your offence and defence in a five to fifteen minute game against four difficulty levels. The game is quite simple, but fun to play. Your objective in this game is to play football! You move your character up and around the field, going for touchdowns and racking up the points, or you can play defence. With 2 different game modes; championship game or playoff tournament, there are options when playing 4th And Goal game. It is entertaining and very very addicting, might want to be careful if you have a job, this can get in the way of other tasks you have to do. 4th and the Goal are fun, and a strategy is an option and useful, it is a game that everyone can enjoy. Don’t watch or play football? Give this a shot; maybe it will spark an interest.