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Play Hockey Legends HTML5 Game Instruction

Hockey Legends

Hockey Legends is an exciting game that allows you to play against the computer. Steal the pucks and defend it against your enemies and aim for that outstanding goal! Be fast enough to get a higher score than your enemy because this is a timely game.

Choose one of three different game modes to hone your skills to become a real professional hockey player and compete in a tournament or just play a quick match with 2 players or against CPU in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 mode.

You can join tournaments or make a friendly match in the game. You can make matches one to one or two to two. Choose your own team and become the winner of the game. What you need to do in the game, is to become the player who scored more goals by the end of time

Ice skating with your player and stab your opponent with your stick to control the ball. Set goals for a shot and hit the ball as hard as possible and score as many goals as possible. Control the skating rink and beat the crap out of your opponents and lead your team to victory in this great hockey legend game!

You can tackle your opponent and try to steal balls from them or stumble them. Swallow the ball and pull out a basic shot or a super special shot! In each game, you must try to overcome your opponent to overcome the table. You can choose from a variety of different teams and play against many different AI opponents.