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Play Red ball 4 volume 4 HTML5 Game Instruction

Red ball 4 volume 4

Red ball 4 vol 4 is the latest game in the red ball series at! This version has many new levels, helping the red ball reach its goals and pick up the stars in the standards.

In Red Ball platformer version 4, your goal is to complete the level and collect as many stars as possible. Watch out for enemies, traps, and laser guides. They all have one intent: destroy your red ball.

In this version of the funny Red Ball series, you are the only one who can stop the evil black square from turning into the earth square! You are a red ball moving by level with the arrow keys on the keyboard, up is jump. Collect as many stars as possible for maximum points.

Please do not touch the enemy, and you can kill the enemy by jumping on it. Watch out for traps or lasers. In some levels, you must complete a small puzzle. Control a red ball with WASD or arrow keys as you try to defeat the evil squares in this cute side-scrolling platform with problems to solve, and show some high physics when you bounced down.

Do you think you can collect all stars and earn gold medals at every level? While the red ball and his friends are having a fun day in the park, wicked black squares have come and kidnapped them, so now our little red hero must save them / Remember to avoid obstacles and other things that can end your life like lasers.