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Play Red Ball HTML5 Game Instruction

Red Ball

A red ball is a game fun way to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Help the red ball move around and prevent the world from being squeezed into a square using the arrow keys while you avoid obstacles and dodge the evil squares that could mean game over for you.

Bounce the red ball from side to side to get it to move left or right as you strive towards your goal. Scroll through a forest scene, box factory, or green hills. You can also use the objects around you to attain a higher bounce level, like bouncing on boxes to get to the three stars in the game. Employ logical thinking skills as well as problem-solving skills and persevere until you solve all the problems in your ways like tricky traps shooting laser beams, fighting off your enemies, and jumping over obstacles and bridges.

It all started when the Red Ball and his girlfriend decided to spend some romantic time on the hill, without knowing anything about the Shadow watching them from afar with jealousy. Unable to suppress his emotions, the Black Ball confronted them and defeated the unconscious Red Ball and later abducted his girlfriend.

Solve problems and overcome obstacles. Move the red ball with your arrow keys.