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Play The World's Easiest Game HTML5 Game Instruction

The World's Easiest Game

The World’s Easiest Game is a puzzle game that is known as the most accessible quiz in the world. This game is received lots of positive reviews and a high rating from gamers. The questions are super easy to answer, and it is almost impossible to get wrong, or is it? Work your way through the quiz helping queasy the cat answer all of the questions correctly to keep him happy. Worlds Easiest Game is a fun trivia game that will ask you a hundred questions. Most of the items are easy and straightforward; the others are a little bit hard, while some are tricky. You have 9 lives. Each incorrect answer will cost living, and the game will end if you lose all 9 lives. Some questions are given as the game sometimes play mind tricks on the player. Remember that the game uses both the mouse and keyboard. Will you be able to answer or at least reach the level 100 question? Good luck, and have fun!