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Play Red Ball 4 volume 5 HTML5 Game Instruction

Red Ball 4 volume 5

Red Ball 4 volume 5 you go through puzzling levels to collect yellow shapes. Move stones and chests to reach higher areas. Squeeze toxic square! This version has many new levels, helping the red ball reach its goals and pick up the stars in the standards.

In Red Ball platformer version 5, your goal is to complete the degree and collect as many stars as possible. Watch out for enemies, traps, and laser guides. They all have one intent: destroy your red ball. Here we have the continuation of this successful online game where you will try to save your friends again. Your task is to come to the factory where they are changed from balls to cubes. This time, you’ll finally manage to finish off the enemy and rescue all your friends.

A favorite platform game for many gamers, the fifth installment of the hugely popular series, is here to entertain you through 30 levels, just like previous titles in the series. With improved and smooth animations, get ready to control the red ball of the protagonist again! Help the red ball roll through a world full of stars and evil squares!
You can eat yellow shapes as you cross each table. Jump on the evil squares to defeat them. Moving drums and rocks will help you climb higher!