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Play Traffic Slam HTML5 Game Instruction

Traffic Slam

Traffic Slam is a crazy race through cities, where the main task is to vandalize, break every imaginable rule on the street.

In the game, you do not obey the traffic rules, but rather stubbornly go through a red light, do not miss pedestrians on “zebras”, exceed the speed limit in places, and drive Crazy cars to have no brakes. Your task in the Traffic Slam game is to drive at full speed and cause the biggest accident ever. Smash and crash into anything and everything – more damage means a higher score. Complete your explosive mission as quickly as possible, and don’t forget to grab coins. The more damage you do, the more money you will make.

On the way, you will only spend 30 seconds, but it will be enough to make naughty. Rush with acceleration in the cars, and get the next batch of points, and if we can blow up the truck ass – you’re just crazy! Admire burning cars is still pleasant, but hurry, because the time is ticking. Do not stop at the results achieved; look out for a new victim, and turn the wheel to the car.

In addition to the various devastations, it is necessary to collect all kinds of bonuses that will be valuable:

Uvelichat is on the traces

Uvelichat vokrug object explosion radius

Monetki currencies are useful for buying and selling specific items to upgrade cars, to strengthen their armor, enhance sabotage, speed up, and funktsii.

Samy is loyal and the fastest way to improve the car – overcome the task. The choices become more diverse as they overcome, and the problems are reduced to the destruction of a certain number of different objects.

In Traffic Slam, you use nitro elements to accelerate your car immediately. To increase the potency, use the pedal and also scatter, with his height rushing where accumulated a lot of cars in particular. But if the brawl, so to take courage on the road exploded roll – into the crowd of cars and press D, explode with others.