FireBoy and WaterGirl 2 in The Light Temple

Light Switch
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FireBoy and WaterGirl 2 in The Light Temple

You still have not forgotten the Fire Boy and Girl Water, a lively game with 2 unique characters representing 2 extremes in the world, opposite and very different. However, the two characters in the game love each other and lead to many situations that need the struggle of two characters. Coming to the next version of the game is watergirl and fireboy 2, you will continue the challenges along with water and fire in extremely impressive but equally exquisite and unique games.

Fireboy and watergirl 2

In fireboy and watergirl 2, you will be able to control two characters at once. But you can also play with your friends to each control their own character. The main obstacles in the game will be divided into 2 types: if it is related to water, only the girl can enter without being harmed and can pass easily. And the fire boy will It is impossible to step in and reverse the fire-related obstacles.

Fireboy and watergirl light temple

The game will bring very opposite feelings to you. But please enjoy this hot game in an interesting way.