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Play Civiballs 3 HTML5 Game Instruction

Civiballs 3

Civiliballs 3 is the third instalment of the popular physics-based puzzle game Civiballs. This is a puzzle game that helps you solve different puzzles placed in different stages of history, the game promises to bring you complete joy when playing math games.

Your task in the game Civiliballs 3 is to place the correct ball in the gift box and quickly move on to the next level. You have to cut the line in time and you have to put the coloured balls in the right jars. You have to cut the chain properly so that the ball gets into the right vase. Help santa to get the balls into the matching color box. All levels of this version have colourful graphics. This ball game is played with the mouse that you will use to cut with a click of the string holding them. You have to drop the balls in Santa’s pack. You use gray balls to help you but they shouldn’t fall into Santa’s pack. You change the level with each success.

As always cut the chains holding the ball when you want to drop them. Put the balls in the corresponding colored jars this way. Balls are placed in areas not directly above the jars, so again you will need to use the environment to place the balls into the jars. If you do not put the balls in the correct pitch it will be an error and the level will automatically restart. If you drop the balls on the ground and not on the pitch, you will have no choice but to restart the level.

The game Civiliballs 3 is divided into several stages. The first 10 stages are set in Japan, the next one in Persia and the last one in North America with the native Indians. Solve puzzles with ancient Japanese houses and samura growl as your background. Buildings similar to the Taj Mahal in terms of structure and design were abundant during the Persian periods. And you will see lots of teepee and American Indian leaders in the North American stages.