Farm Frenzy 2 Game

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Play Farm Frenzy 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Farm Frenzy 2

Farm Frenzy 2 is a farm management game that attracts many players. Coming to the game, you will become a real farmer with the task of planting trees, taking care of animals, and harvesting products on the farm. There will be many different small tasks for you to experience from feeding chickens, collecting eggs, managing warehouses and transporting, exchanging goods to the market … You need to produce 16 types of products. products and buy 5 types of items from the city. There are 4 types of pets that need care and they will help your property grow.

Try to earn enough money to upgrade buildings, buy equipment and tools to produce goods and to satisfy your customers. To facilitate the transport of goods, players can upgrade aircraft, trucks according to their affordability. The appearance of bears in this game will be a difficult challenge as it will often come to harass your farm so use a special cage to capture and prevent them from sabotaging.

With this version of Farm Frenzy 2, the game’s graphics have been much improved compared to the previous section from color, music to a rich task system. Farm Frenzy 2 is really a farm worth playing for fans. So join the game right now to get yourself the experience of a peaceful rural life yet!