Farm Frenzy 3 Game

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Play Farm Frenzy 3 HTML5 Game Instruction

Farm Frenzy 3

Farm Frenzy 3 is the 3rd version of the farm management game. In this game, you will still transform into a true cattle farmer with extremely cute pets along with the variety of screens that will make players able to explore and conquer. With a variety of game scenes designed according to specific characteristics.

Participating in the game, players will have the opportunity to show their management skills when performing the construction and development of the land through each milestone and are modeled on a separate map. There will be many different challenges and require players to be skillful in performing each stage of planting, harvesting and selling to get the amount of the required game corresponding and move on to the next screen. The game will be more attractive and dramatic in the following stages with the appearance of a series of new fruits that will contribute to the more vivid and diverse game.

Farm Frenzy 3 will have all 95 levels and over 30 different animals on its farm for players to experience. Grow, collect goods, buy factories, upgrade your warehouse, transport and sell your goods on the market to become the best farmer in the world.