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Play Fat slice HTML5 Game Instruction

Fat slice

Fat Slice is a great and exciting game in which you have to test your slicing skills. You are present with a variety of different objects that you have to match precisely to achieve your goal in each level. By selecting a degree from the menu, you get the avatar for the shape you will cut. Each form has a ball or balls that need to be in each of your slices. The game was initially released as a mobile app in March 2018. The HTML5 version has been available since June 2018. The latest version has been open since May 2019. Cut the shapes with your fingers while avoiding bouncing balls and solid walls. While the balls are bouncing in a small space, you have to force them to a smaller place! First, choose where you want to start. Then try to make the fat slices to write up all the balls! Finish each Slice and use the bar above the image, cut it down to the correct size! You’ll encounter various obstacles as you play like bouncing balls, bombs and even walls that you can’t break. You have to put the balls in the last piece and you can’t touch them. Try and get all the achievements in the game and see if you can become a main barber!