Stick Figure Badminton 2 Game

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Play Stick Figure Badminton 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Stick Figure Badminton 2

Stick Figure Badminton 2 is the second part of the popular internet game. The game helps players practice skills so you can participate in online tournaments.

This game has a straightforward rule that you, by all means, hit a sphere through the net to the opponent and touch the ground, you will score. Speed ​​and agility is the key to playing badminton, you will need fast reactions and clever fingers to win each competition.

You can play in single or two-player mode. For single-player mode, you will play against the machine, and for two-player mode, you will play directly with your friend with the real keyboard.

First of all, you need to choose one of the given players to play. After selecting the player, you will participate in a duel.

For each match, you need to have your tactics, score 7 points before the opponent to win and you can see the match score in the upper center of the game screen. The score will help you adjust your tactics accordingly.

You can control the character moving on the field, jump through the air, and perform great shots. The shots combined with your high jump in the air will give the shot more power and make it harder for your opponent to support the bridge, helping you to score higher. When you see a slow-moving balloon, jump and smash it as fast as possible.

The person who wins the point, he has the right to serve, and the person who serves before him will have an advantage.

Badminton is a very good sport, requires players to concentrate on their skills. This interesting game has been played by a lot of players and you will also meet many opponents who play very well, helping you improve your ability to hit the ball.

Simple stickman style graphics game helps players easily understand the tactics and how to play, helping players play and win.