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Play Handless Millionaire HTML5 Game Instruction

Handless Millionaire

Handless Millionaire game helps you become a virtual millionaire. Your goal is to get cash by facing your fears through a guillotine. The game is based on the famous show Who wants to be a millionaire, but instead of questions with key milestones corresponding to a specific level of money, here, the questions are challenges of taking money. By putting your hand through the guillotine to get money, when it is safe and secure come back, you will get that money. Playing at a higher amount you risk hurting yourself, you need to choose the exact opportunity when the guillotine picks up, quickly let your hand through and grab. The game has 15 rounds with increasing difficulty and this game is ideally suited for mobile devices.

The guillotine cuts down in a timely manner while the notes of the hand, fingers and other limbs drift down on the other side, if you are not quick, the guillotine cuts off the hand and then the game is over.

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but how far will you go to get all that money, this is your chance to test it.

Free internet games are loved by many, there are bloody images of violence so children should not participate in this game.