Mutilate A Doll Game

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Play Mutilate A Doll HTML5 Game Instruction

Mutilate A Doll

Mutilate-a-Doll is a physical and very stressful virtual sandbox about mutilating ragdolls in a variety of ways using a large number of weapons and tools.

Virtual stress physical sandbox on ragdoll undercut in various ways using a large number of items.

Play a virtual cropping game. There is really no purpose except to relieve stress in an environment that requires no care. The goal is to use the tools to cut this rag doll man in this extremely funny Flash game from the more troubled moment today.

Relieve your stress in a safe environment and in a fun way! Create dolls and choose the weapons you like. There are several weapons to use and you can damage the ragdoll in any way possible. You can also reboot the screen to start torture again.

Dolls can equip items on their heads and hands, or you can use joints to access your heart’s content.

All items can be scaled, rotated and coloured to their liking to build pretty much anything you can think of and come with a set of Properties you can convert, such as playback. Explode upon touching or ignoring gravity.

In fact, a lot of people had the same idea, but for many years were left without such a release. But now is your time. Now you have the ability to take that bitter little ball to burn your entire throat and put it into something as useful and useful as punishing a stick in increasingly perverted and violent ways. force.

How to play Mutilate-a-Doll

Set up all kinds of deadly traps in Mutilate-a-Doll! You can blow up, cut and crush ragdoll. This hilarious violent game allows you to customize every part of the experience completely. Change game play options, add blood and cause unimaginable damage