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Play Learn To Fly 4 HTML5 Game Instruction

Learn To Fly 4

Learn to Fly 4 got the idea of ​​a penguin feeling helpless because he could not escape the cold Arctic to explore the world. Therefore, he decided to create a homemade flying machine using a sack with a sail, then placed it on a very high ledge and pushed it into the air. How far the penguin’s plane will fly. It all depends only on you.

Learn to fly is a small copy of Hedgekey launched. However, it is not as easy as we think. You may need a lot of testing to make a bit of money and perform upgrades and grab whatever you can. With a little practice, you will improve it quickly.

The goal of Learn to Fly 4 is very simple. Players only need to control the penguin’s machine to fly as far and higher as possible. Every time you complete the mission, you will be rewarded with money to buy more items to accelerate “aircraft” and unlock more new flight locations. In particular, the game also has a built-in leaderboard for players to experience in order to gain the opportunity to increase the amount collected.

A new strategy game for computers Learns to Fly 4 has all the necessary characteristics for players always to feel excited, especially when they love the free play mode and want to maximize their creativity. Mine. Besides, the number of parts and the variety of upgrades allow players to design spacecraft in many interesting styles.