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Play Cut The Rope HTML5 Game Instruction

Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope is a classic physics game, in which the game revolves around a hungry green frog, and you have to cut a series of ropes to feed the hungry little frog some candy. The candies are located in many different positions; you need to use your thinking skills when playing games and manipulate the objects available in the table to bring the sweet to the Om-nom frog. Like spikes and spiders along the way, make sure to control the candy in the right way to bring it to Om Nom. The three stars are scattered on each level, and if the player touches them with candy, they will earn high points.

The game will be harder and more challenging as the player progresses deeper into the rounds. It will cause you to think cleverly, precisely what will happen. It takes a lot of perseverance, agility, and a bit of luck just to eat all the stars, and when the candy is cut, the candy will still fall into the frog’s mouth. If the candy falls out three times, then the game will be over. Can you complete all 25 levels and collect 75 stars in this fun game?