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Play Raft Wars HTML5 Game Instruction

Raft Wars

Raft Wars is a title game selling gun coordinates has a strong attraction for gamers. With lovely Chibi graphics, this cult game won the hearts of both male and female gamers.

Protagonist Simon must protect the gold that he discovered. He faces pirates, using various weapons to shoot enemies. Each team will take turns shooting each other. Do not let fall into the sea and try to destroy your enemies.

All Raft Wars are fought at sea. Your raft can be upgraded three times and each time add more teammates. Raft Wars game has about 10 levels, each with different landscapes and enemies. After each battle, points are recorded based on the time and the number of times you use the weapon.

Raft Wars has relatively easy gameplay, move the mouse to aim where you want to shoot. And when you’re ready, right click to shoot tennis ball, rocket or grenade. Players need to avoid hippos that are in the ocean and poking their heads out. If the hippo is shot, the ball will bounce. Play Raft Wars now, knock each opponent off the ship or drain their blood.

Raft Wars graphics are also an important element of the game’s appeal. It gives players a sense of animation, cute funny characters with multiple skin colors. The scenery, everything clear to play for a long time is also not eye strain.