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Play Clear Vision 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Clear Vision 2

Clear Vision 2 has returned and brought many new things as well as challenges for players. Like the previous game, the player’s task is to take on the role of an attacker and complete various assassination missions. Each day a new task appears and you need to accept it to continue the story. You will have to take up arms and continue to kill people to make money, but you will pursue the more important object then simply get rich. Now you have to save your loved one, escape the criminal past and become a rich and respectable person. But before you do it, you must complete 25 levels and show your skills and self-control, which will allow you to complete every order. Your sniper rifle is your best friend to get the job done, but remember to read the mission carefully to know the exact target. After completing each mission, you can read the story of the murder in the newspaper.

The game’s image is still in the style of part 1 with a “stick” design character, but the game’s environment is greatly improved in detail, as well as directly affecting the player’s vision. Coming to the game, players will own simple graphics, not as picky as any other shooting action genre, but with the content and criteria to become a professional assassin like: “No concessions, “point and shoot “,” one-shot kill “was enough to make Clear Vision 2 really attractive and become an action game, immersive not to be missed by any gamer. Can you be the best in town?