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Ace Gangster

Gangster Ace Gangster Ace is a great GTA style game, where you have to complete various missions to become the gangster boss in your city. The game contains all the necessary elements, such as car stealing, shooting and the like. Your mission in the Gangster Ace game is to build your reputation as a gangster by doing work for various criminal gangs in the city, such as robbing a car, breaking down destroy a building or attack an office. Steal cars as you want by avoiding cops everywhere. When the police are present, you need to stay away from criminals so you don’t get arrested. Controls are a little different. Viewing the options menu will help you understand the game more easily. In Gangster Ace, you are the No. 1 gangster on the road so you have to do everything you need to keep it intact. There are many criminal gangs in the city that need your help to perform their dark activities like vandalizing or destroying a building. It’s up to you to help them and prove you’re a gangster. You may be a new kid in the city but you will quickly gain the respect of criminal gangs by doing perfectly the work you are assigned to the mafia. The game is based on the GTA gaming style, so you will have no trouble choosing the essentials of the game. Features of game Ace Gangster GTA themed racing game Different missions to complete Great graphics.