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Play Tank Off HTML5 Game Instruction

Tank Off

Since ancient times, evil forces have invaded important areas and territories of peaceful people and towns and hate violence. However, the people could not do anything because their fighting ability was not available, indignantly watching the raging enemies. At such times a qualified force would stand up to help the people, that were knights with strength and courage. They are ready to take part in the battle to be able to help honest people from disaster.

When playing the Mighty Knight, you will be transformed into a hero with a sharp sword and a solid shield on his hands. An armor of iron on him and take out step by step but the king’s soldiers evil. b) You will be involved in battles against the dark forces, your task is to control a knight with high martial arts, destroy all enemies and head towards the dark castle to be able to defeating the demon king in order to free the king of the captive kingdom, and collect lots of gold coins and reach the finish line without being destroyed in the middle of the road. You will use the arrow keys skillfully to help the knight move as well as perform attacks with his sword.And every time you go to a certain land on the journey, you have to fight.

The enemy will become more and more powerful, if you keep the strength and ability of the knight, you will not be able to fight the enemy. So, the important thing you need to do is upgrade your power with gold collected after each battle. The upgrade system is also plentiful, which will bring you excitement.

In battle, pay attention to the angels. They will be of great help to you in the mighty knight game. Let’s stand up against the hostile forces and take victory on the crown of glory. Show off your battle skills and chivalry in this hot action adventure game.