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Play Dead Zed 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 is the second instalment of the epic Dead Zed zombie apocalypse survival series. Dead Zed 2 is a zombie shooting game where you need to shoot the zombies to complete the game. You must use your skill, cunning, and combat skills to survive against hordes of zombies in this strange and unforgiving world. Survive day by day and use your weapons to kill the flesh seeking zombies.

As you kill zombies, your rage bar steadily builds. Once this bar is full, you can enter rage mode and turn every shot from your weapon into a one-hit kill. Explore the world, gather resources, and use your currency to purchase upgrades. You can also meet other survivors and enlist them in your gang to help protect certain areas or explore for new weapons and resources. Sometimes your fellow survivors will get attacked by zombies, but you can go and help them if you wish and save them from certain death.

This game has fantastic playability, and you will find yourself being fully immersed in this dark and sinister apocalyptic world. Dead Zed 2 has awesome gameplay, which gives you time to learn how to play, and gives you hard missions. There are too many types of zombies, and also you have multiple choices of guns. But first, you need to fight and find them. You can check out the town for weapons, resources, and survivors.

For that, you have a survival search team. You should send the team in the city with the right selection of the people if you want to make the mission successful. To find Guns and ammunition, you need to assign people with those skills. The team will be sent out automatically when you start around and return at the end of it.