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Play Bloons Tower Defense 5 HTML5 Game Instruction

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the fifth installment in the Bloons Tower Defense series.

Your mission in the game Bloons Tower Defense 5 is to protect your base from bandits and other evil forces, but the evilest enemies are at your doorstep. Pop all the balloons before they fill your base with their rubber presence. Sharp objects and aircraft have been enemies of the arch ever since balloons were invented. Control your animal allies and give them sharp objects to protect your base. Throw darts and boomerangs to pop balloons forward! You can also paste them down to end their bizarre process.

In addition to the previously available towers, Bloons Tower Defense 5 has 2 new types of towers you can place. The number of upgrades you can apply to your towers is increased to 8 from 4! So many ways and options to fight against those floating monsters! Similar to other games in, your goal is to stop the enemies before they reach your base. The game offers many interesting levels with different designs and challenges. It would help if you planned your defense with scrutiny. Your enemies are as diverse as the towers in your arsenal. Some people will move fast and can avoid attacks of certain types of towers, while others will resist specific types of attacks. Don’t rely too much on one particular type of tower. Diversify your frontline or you’ll lose sooner or later! You have 18 different towers to choose from. Can’t beat your opponent no matter what? Then time to call the Grand Special agents! Choose between 9 different agents to change the wave of the battle! With each enemy appearing, you will earn money and experience points. Unlock new towers, upgrades, and more again when you rate! If you like showing off those colorful balloons so you don’t mess with the animal kingdom, you can also prove that aliens have chosen the worst time for an invasion of aliens in this tower defense game.