Zombotron Game

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Play Zombotron HTML5 Game Instruction


Zombotron is an attractive survival shooter game where players play a mercenary and struggle to survive on an alien planet; your task in Zombotron is to moderate just against enemies with numbers. Overwhelming, moderate amount of finding a way to escape from this dangerous world.

The content of Zombotron is about a mercenary named Blaze Rush, he has encountered many failures and to redo everything he has found to a dangerous planet. Here, Blaze Rush has found its hidden strength, willpower, and new arsenal. But this new planet is also full of dangers, evil enemies, fierce battle and the opportunity for you to escape.

To destroy the undead, Zombotron players have many ways, such as dropping them from above, causing a terrible explosion or crushing by car. Besides, you also unlocked countless weapons to become the strongest warrior. Discover the secrets of the new planet with a science fiction storyline.
Joining Zombotron will remind you of the classic dwarf Rambo – Metal Slug 1HalfX, but the difference between Zombotron and Metal Slug 1HalfX is that the graphic design is built quite vividly, with explosive effects. Also more spectacular and more eye-catching. Combining the colors of attractive strategy games, zombie planet games teach you defensive ways to protect yourself from enemy attacks. Helping you to train yourself quick reflexes in dealing with urgent and urgent situations.

Play Zombotron and fight to survive in the mysterious planet, deceive evil alien enemies and do everything to escape this wicked world in the action-adventure game Zombotron.