Crazy Flasher Game

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Crazy Flasher

Crazy Flasher is a fascinating action game with fierce and fierce battles between a young hero and insolent street thugs designed with hilarious images, a bit of humor. Humor reduces the tension and gore nature of a fighting game.

Do you know the legendary Bruce Lee? An extremely famous martial artist. Do you want to be him? Crazy Flasher will give you that experience with very attractive situations. When playing Crazy Flasher, you will be transformed into a martial arts character. Fight on the streets with gangsters, bandits with extremely evil faces. Please help the people around there to do business by eliminating these evil people.

Each round played in the game Crazy Flasher is a challenge to overcome the real limits of human. You will have to fight, fight and fight until you eliminate all these bandits. Prove you are worthy of the title of street killer.

The graphics of this mini-game are quite eye-catching and show the vividness of the bustling neighborhood with hidden spots, and that is obviously where the terrorists choose to hide. When playing Crazy Flasher, you need to have quick reflexes as well as dexterity and sharpness to detect any movement and action just before the enemy hit.