Lab Of The Dead Game

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Lab Of The Dead

Lab of the Dead is a scary zombie game created by Evil Dog. Coming to the game, you will play a scientist doing experiments on zombies to try to find a cure for their condition. There will be countless test subjects whose primary purpose is to determine the treatment. To do so, you have many weapons, food supplies (for zombies), and objects in which you poke and entice zombies to identify and develop their reactions.

You need to click the icon at the bottom of the screen to get started and experiment, there will be three types: weapons, food, and objects. The reaction of zombies to them not only depends on their mental health but also on their personal preferences. The game currency is RP. Research points you earn just by interacting with zombies, and you can spend everything, from new items and weapons to research upgrades can affect things like boosts and effects. Overall come to your zombies. However, to develop a story and receive new entries, you will have to meet specific requirements for each stage, such as achieving individual responses or using enough items.

Lab of the Dead gives players many different emotions, sometimes scary, sometimes funny, and sometimes even strange feelings, but all of which will make a comedy. Players can fully enjoy the perfect moments when participating in the game.