Avatar Arena Game

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Play Avatar Arena HTML5 Game Instruction

Avatar Arena

Avatar Arena is a game in the role-playing genre, against the backdrop of the arena, where the competitions between the top martial artists come from 4 different schools but live in harmony. This is truly a fierce arena where opponents will have to fight hard to become the best of the world and will be forever immortal.

In this game, you will choose your country, create a character and fight against 20 opponents in the final tournament. There are 4 elements to choose from: Earth, Water, Fire, Air. You can customize your character’s appearance. Practice your bends in Training mode before you’re ready to face other benders in the Tournament. Use the arrow keys and space bar to move and attack. Hold down arrow key and repeatedly press on the space bar to fill your Chi bar, use it for special attacks. You are ready to participate in the game and show your own martial arts strength, defeat opponents and become the first galaxy.