Dragon Fist 2 Game

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Play Dragon Fist 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Dragon Fist 2

Dragon Fist 2 is back and gives players a great fighting game in which you play against enemies. In this game, you have to fight against a series of strong enemies and win all the battles. You can perform many combinations of secret strikes. Coming to the game, the player must defeat 10 opponents, every challenge will be a bit harder when you pass each level. You can defeat them by using a combination of punches and kicks, and special moves. When the opponent’s life bar disappears, you will win.

Each character has powerful special moves that are a very useful tool to defeat your enemies. You can use it by holding both the punch and kick buttons, but only if your special scroll bar turns red, located at the top of the screen below the life bar. Use your special moves as part of the combo to deal maximum damage. A low kick is the only non-special move that can penetrate a block. Strong punches and kicks seem slow, but mastering these is the key to winning the game. Dragon Fist 2 has no time limit, so you should have the best calculation yourself.

How to play Dragon Fist 2:

Just start the game in 2-player mode that you can play with your friends using the “Single player / 2-player” section. Then choose your fighters and special weapons.