Qwop Game

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Play Qwop HTML5 Game Instruction


Qwop is an entertaining but challenging jogging game. You are participating in a running competition but your character moves inflexibly and you must control all the character’s activities to help him finish the race. Your task in this game is to control the combined motion of the character’s thighs and calves to help him move and complete the 100-meter running test carefully and reach the highest score possible.

Remember always to maintain the balance of your feet to avoid the character from falling, the game will end immediately.

You must control the activities of the character and try to maintain smooth movement to the 50m and 100m milestones. At these two milestones, there will be very surprising rewards for you. Although it’s only a very short distance, if you do not know how to move, you will never reach the destination.

The game is really tough, I have never seen such a horrible running competition, just move a little carelessly and you will lie on your back, fall back, then you will hit the head to the ground and the game will end. You will now play the game again. It is best not to let yourself lose too much because then you will think that you can not conquer the game.

There is no time limit or the person who competes with you in this game, it is simply that you complete the set challenge and also the challenge yourself. Because of the character’s very difficult movement, if you don’t know how it will be extremely difficult to control your character to move, and this will make you feel bored and easily give up the game.

Don’t worry, as long as you persevere, try to find a way to cleverly move your character to run quickly with combined physical movements.

This fun game is played on every Android device, iOS, computer and it will be very helpful for yourself, helping you train perseverance to complete the game.

The game with the image is very simple, the gameplay is difficult and challenging but suitable for all players.