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Play Ace Gangster 2 HTML5 Game Instruction

Ace Gangster 2

Ace Gangster 2 is the second version of Ace Gangster- a great action game. In the context of a real gangster having to steal cars, to fight with others in the streets, to escape from prisons, to flee from police, to buy weapons with you you can kill the names of Other gangsters from this city. Ace Gangster 2 will bring you some great new tasks that you must complete as quickly as possible to get virtual money for your gangster.

The game will start in a garage, where you will meet a man who tells you that his taxi company is almost dead, which is why you have to sell all his taxis. So start your first mission, find the exit of your garage, then try to find someone interested to go by your taxi, but don’t forget to break the rules, try to crash some cars, crash into police and ocean cars, shoot the police chasing you and start driving the worst you can, because this way the police will start chasing you , then the fun part of the game will start, because you have to use your weapons to escape, take care of armed police and walk the streets because they can shoot you and kill you very easily. Run away from the police and never get arrested. If you have a passenger in your taxi, you must take him to the place he wants in time if you want to make money, to be rewarded with some dollars.