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Play Football Legends 2016 HTML5 Game Instruction

Football Legends 2016

Football Legends 2016 is one of the best 2-player games in the football genre. They are inspired by many popular sports in the world. Football Legends 2016 always gives players the most exciting feeling. As well as the humor from the opponent’s own goal. Or the best technical ball when scoring goals against your team.

When it comes to football topics, which soccer player do you usually talk about? Messi, C. Ronaldo, Z. Ibrahimovic or W. Rooney? Whatever football player you want, choose a favorite football superstar in this game and get ready to play super funny soccer matches with it. The 2016 championship is about to start with soccer players deftly interacting with each other. Let your friends know about this game right away and take place in this tournament.

Football Legends 2016 has outstanding graphics and interesting gameplay. You can choose to play different modes, either as a player or with a friend. It can become quite intense when you are playing with two players in a tournament. When your player makes a goal, he jumps in joy and the crowd cheers while the opponent cries.

Players have three championship levels depending on the number of goals they’ve won and conceded. Trophies can be won in the single or double division. There is also a special title to win 100 goals in a game or play a game without mercy. If you really want to challenge, you can play one player with two people. Football Legends 2016 can be fun for the whole family as it encourages positive interaction and friendly competition.