Mine Blocks Game

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Play Mine Blocks HTML5 Game Instruction

Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks is a free mining game based on sensational Minecraft. Like its predecessor, you can explore a whole new world and start attacking it. Collect resources by first easing them from where they are. You can then combine them and create something new. It is usually a tool of some sort to help you organize everything.

If you really like playing a sweet and funny game called Minecraft then you will enjoy this wonderful Mine Blocks game. It’s based on Minecraft games and follows the same model where you find a new world and hack into it to collect the resources buried in it. Loosen them and then basket them to create something new by combining different resources together. There are tools to help you solve and you can extract quite a lot when you play and use them to create something new.

Gather and mine my documents, defeat monsters and craft items in this open-ended 2D side reverence with Minecraft. WAD and mouse keys are controlled.

Craft tools and build awesome structures in your own world! You can follow specially crafted recipes to create wooden pickaxes and exploit rocks, pebbles and coal. Create your own castle to trap zombies and protect you from other animals!
In Mine Blocks, everything can be extracted and changed to fit your vision of the world. Explore, build and build like in Minecraft but this time it’s 2D.

In this 2D game, you can create a world of your own, perfectly suited to your vision as you explore and build. The game is free to play, so why not try and build a whole new world?

How to play

When you start a new world, you’ll be born in the heart of a large, randomly generated world.